We Celebrate Neurodiversity

We are a business that is dedicated to empowering girls and women with ADHD (no diagnosis required). We are active participants in the worldwide movement to celebrate neurodiversity and highlight the strengths/superpowers that often go unrecognized among girls and women with ADHD.

Our Workshops

Our workshops are specifically designed for women who identify with ADHD symptoms and executive functioning struggles, and may or may not have a diagnosis. Stay tuned for future offerings, including a Mastermind group.

Main tenets of our Workshops

  • Bringing neutral awareness to long-masked struggles.
  • Learning and practicing self-compassion
  • Active imagination and visualization to engage your creative and wise intuitive self in the process
  • Shared experience/camaraderie with a small group of other women on a similar journey.

About Us

Liz Adams, LLC grew out of Dr. Adams’ clinical practice as a neuropsychologist. Our programs are founded on principles of psychology and neuroscience, with additional input from lots of other wisdom sources gathered over the years. We’re all about mindfully curating resources to create meaningful offerings that will empower you in your journey.

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Taking this workshop with Liz has been life-changing. I have been through years of therapy, healing and personally work in the healing arts, but until I understood how ADHD affected my daily life I really didn’t understand the underlying changes I could make to support myself and really let all the healing work and therapy work I have done really settle. It is all about settlement. I really love that Liz understands the multi-dimensional aspect of life. She is dedicated and amazing.


The Next Brave Step workshop is long overdue. While participating, I became acutely aware of the impact our neurotypical expectations have on our neurodiverse world. Instead of recognizing the benefits our combined multitude of approaches to processing could have, we dismiss and discount what doesn’t fit into the neat package we’ve been conditioned to expect. What a loss. Liz has expertly designed a program that personalizes the brain science behind ADHD and helps each member of the group feel seen and heard. Even more importantly, the tools she shares are confidence building motivators that encourage growth and risk taking that would otherwise feel intimidating and out of reach.


With Liz’s guidance, I’ve been able to deepen my understanding of my own learning style while honoring and mothering my kids as they experience the layers that inform how they see, feel, and experience the world. As a result, I am more uplifted and empowered than I used to be.