You are a woman who identifies with the symptoms of ADHD. You’re getting along just fine in life. You may or may not have a diagnosis. Life is going fine. AND you have a hunch…that there’s something more. There’s something more for you to experience. There’s something more for you to contribute to your world. In this program, you’ll go through a process along with a group of supportive peers, bringing those ADHD-related struggles out into the open, and then moving beyond the self-limiting beliefs that can come along with those struggles and then opening yourself up to your next level of participation in your world.

Liz Adams

I am a neuropsychologist with 16 years of clinical experience providing assessment and education on topics like ADHD, dyslexia, and other aspects of neurodiversity. I have a lifelong curiosity for spirituality, and 20 years of formally guided experience doing my own dreamwork, active imagination, and parts of self work in the context of psychotherapy. During those same 20 years, I have been practicing yoga and meditation. I love nature and animals. I’m a runner, a hiker, and a paddle boarder – these are my favorite ways to be outside. I journal daily and am a super curious novice student of The Tarot.

In my clinical practice, Minnesota Neuropsychology, I offer diagnostic assessments for ADHD. I take a collaborative approach to these evaluations, gathering data, providing information about research-supported treatment options and then leaving plenty of space for discussion and questions to help you find the next best step for you. Learn more and reach out about my clinical practice at