One way or another, you’ve learned about ADHD symptoms, and you identify with them. You look back on your life and observe a consistent pattern of these symptoms. You may be managing life just fine right now to the outside observer, but you know that you struggle with executive functioning. You’re not alone! ADHD is chronically under diagnosed in women. The symptoms of ADHD in women are different in type and quality. This program helps you gain self-awareness for your patterns and helps you realize that your struggles are real. You will learn a practice of self-compassion to help you let go of shame, fear and self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

This Workshop May Be For You If:

You Have A Hunch That There’s Something More For You To Do

A goal, a next step, a creative idea. You want to move toward this next thing.

You Find Yourself Distracting Yourself From Your Own Goal

You know the next steps and find yourself avoiding them, filling up you schedule with non-obligations, that pull you away from the goal.

You Know That You’re On An “Uphill Incline”

With regards to things like: organization, follow-through, consistency, reliability, attention to detail, managing schedules, planning ahead.

You Sense You’re Passing By Opportunities For Growth

You are uncertain about your abilities to make your own growth happen.

You Feel Stuck

Your own self-limiting beliefs and/or old patterns are keeping you from moving forward toward your goal or your hunch.

You’re Questioning Yourself

You doubt yourself, taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back from your goal because fear keeps creeping up.

The workshop surpassed all of my expectations. I found myself deeply enjoying the layout and flow of the work book, they were structured whilst allowing space for wonderful reflections. The calls were totally magical and I felt a whole layer of compassion for myself. The pause into reflections and understanding. With that there was such a focus on moving forward in a way that deeply supported nourished me and in a way that worked for me.

Janet H., United Kingdom

The presence of like-minded women, each listening to their authentic selves with Liz’s natural warmth, humor and magic as our guide created a sacred space of creative clarity for me.

Sarah B., Norway

Taking this workshop with Liz has been life-changing. I have been through years of therapy, healing and personally work in the healing arts, but until I understood how ADHD affected my daily life I really didn’t understand the underlying changes I could make to support myself and really let all the healing work and therapy work I have done really settle. It is all about settlement. I really love that Liz understands the multi-dimensional aspect of life. She is dedicated and amazing.


The Next Brave Step workshop is long overdue. While participating, I became acutely aware of the impact our neurotypical expectations have on our neurodiverse world. Instead of recognizing the benefits our combined multitude of approaches to processing could have, we dismiss and discount what doesn’t fit into the neat package we’ve been conditioned to expect. What a loss. Liz has expertly designed a program that personalizes the brain science behind ADHD and helps each member of the group feel seen and heard. Even more importantly, the tools she shares are confidence building motivators that encourage growth and risk taking that would otherwise feel intimidating and out of reach.


With Liz’s guidance, I’ve been able to deepen my understanding of my own learning style while honoring and mothering my kids as they experience the layers that inform how they see, feel, and experience the world. As a result, I am more uplifted and empowered than I used to be.


This was such a beautiful journey. To be in a group with lovely women and feel understood by them whilst learning more about myself too was amazing. I felt years of shame unravelling and it has been so supportive on so many levels. I loved the Psychology bits as they helped me understand things more and loved the more ethereal exercises too.

Liz has a very lovely way of teaching and holding space. It was fun, supportive, healing and I really feel it has helped and will continue to unfold. I am so grateful to have found Liz and would highly recommend her to all ADHDers.

Charley A., England

Liz has an amazing, passionate and engaged presence and just makes you feel celebrated. I loved learning about my adhd from her wide psychological knowledge, and really appreciated her holistic and spiritual point of view on how women experience adhd. I have left with more self love, self appreciation and lots of joy!

Christiane L., Canada

“This practice gives me a lighthouse position perspective on myself and my path. It lets me see and appreciate inevitable and often surprising shifts and changes in that path. It helps me have a better understanding of my “why.” It lets me tap into gratitude and compassion. It has helped me make more decisions in the direction of what I want. This becomes a cycle of positive action, where I accomplish my own goals and then learn to listen to myself for the next thing. It helps me to take action on the things I want and then watch them come to fruition. It helps me find clarity and unlocks my forward momentum to reach my goals.”

– Liz Adams

What You Can Expect

The parts of ourselves that we hide from the world often carry important wisdom and generativity and ideas and motivation that can help us succeed. In this program, we pass the mic to these parts of ourselves and give them a chance to weigh in.

In this program, you will learn to trust your gut, intuition, and wisdom sources by:

  • Listening to it
  • Putting what you hear on paper
  • Quieting the inner critic
  • Giving voice to your vision (and hearing others do the same thing)
  • Thanking it through gratitude practice

When and where is each workshop held?

  • For 6-weeks we meet each Tuesday at 6:00pm CT (central time) for 90 minutes
  • From the comfort of your favorite Zoom spot

What’s Included

6 Weekly Group Calls

90-minute Zoom sessions for centering, connecting, discussing your experiences of that week’s exercises, Q & A and sharing

Self-Study Guidebook

Professionally designed pages to inspire your self-reflection and imagination. A roadmap that you can keep and use for future brave steps!

Private Course Platform

Access to the private course platform including short teaching videos for each week and opportunities to connect with members in your cohort.